“I loved the model of cultural wholeness: competence, humility, dignity—this is an invitation to go deeper—whether in ourselves or within the work we do as an organization.”

“Appreciated the iceberg graphic and how it can help us think at different levels, and begin to put to action what we hope for.”

Diversity Task Force, New Teacher Center. June 2016

” I really felt that your talk was informative and heartfelt. It helped us to get a better understanding of serving of diverse community. I realized that although we are different, in some ways our journeys are the same. “

Lake County Hospice Services. September 2016


“Thank you so much for your thoughtful and provocative facilitation at our retreat last week. Already in the last few days, we’ve noticed a greater openness on our team with people taking risks to engage in next steps/right action.

We are eager to build the practices into our meeting structure and come back to reflect on our values. You have given our team an entry point to dive deeper into ourselves and as a collective – thank you.” 

“Attending to these (Personal Leadership) awareness practices as part of our team norms have been very helpful.”

Early Learning Team, New Teacher Center. December 2016


What I learned about grief? “That it is okay to feel the way I feel” “It is okay to be sad and cry”  “Grief is part of life”

What I learned about myself? I can be open more to people I trust”  “I can heal” “I am a very important person that has to go on with her life.”

How do I think this will benefit me in the future? Just to remember whom to look for when I’m hurting” “
I now know what I can do when I am depressed, and I have people I can talk to and they will understanding me”  “It will help me to get stronger.”

Testimonies of high school students in Watsonville, CA attending grief support groups (2009-2012)


The whole event was very relaxing and reflecting.

This was super helpful and I felt more grounded because of it.

I enjoyed the breathing exercise because it made me aware of how my body is feeling and how I can take care of it.

I enjoyed the workshop. It allowed me to decompress and learn from others how they use coping mechanisms.

It helped getting to hear what other students were thinking. I felt a sense of belonging which I haven’t felt in a while.

UCSC Undocumented Students, April 2017