It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are. — e.e. Cummings

The difference between those who get discouraged and abandon their dreams, and those who are continuing to conquer their fears and overcome obstacles, is the awareness about the “mental filters” we use when interpreting and responding to what is present, while holding a vision of what is possible. In this way, we can become aware of our personal cultural constructs, learn to consider a broad range of possibilities, and learn to interact more effectively.

Senti-pensante leadership is about leading our lives from the inside out, guiding our personal practice in the face of the new and unfamiliar with mindfulness and creativity, and discerning our ‘right action’ for the particular situation/context in which we find ourselves

      Using difference as a creative resource

      Emphasizing self-reflection

      Choosing our internal state of being

In martial arts terms, it takes the practice of “showing up” from our center, an internal state of consciousness in alignment with highest and best, listening with an open mind, and responding with an open heart. Thus, we connect center-to-center to others; and when conflict arises, we can self-correct and regain balance before reengaging with others, so we can show up again and again from a more grounded, centered and harmonious place.