“In soul work we don’t dare to get rid of the pain until we learn what is has to teach us” – Richard Rohr

In human nature, change and impermanence are the only constant, and so is the presence of grief. Grief is the natural response to loss, and often accompanies change. Death is the most extreme loss, but grief comes up with divorces, illnesses, aging, unemployment, and all kinds of disappointments and endings. Working through grief offers the opportunity to cultivate life-skills, to better prepare ourselves with the inevitable losses and suffering that are part of the human experience. Since the grief journey is unique for each person, this is an invitation for self-discovery.

We are invited to embrace the vulnerability of our human condition, not as a sign of weakness, but as a path of cultivating resilience, the inner strength that enables us to overcome adversity and thrive in life. Thus, we grow out of our comfort zone and limited self-image and find a bigger truth, where there can be healing, transformation, growth and lessons learned. Taking care of ourselves is a gift we can give ourselves on the alchemical path of transforming grief into resilience, reconnecting with and recovering the love that has been there all alone.