The Senti-Pensante Process

Senti-Pensante combines two Spanish words that mean feeling-thinking, and promotes a body-mind process that links together reason and emotion, in service of deepening our cultural awareness and sensitivity. 

Promote Intercultural Relationships

The goal of the Senti-Pensante process is to engage individuals, organizations and communities in cultivating a clearer understanding of themselves and others, deeper empathy, more effective communication, and greater capacity to serve and collaborate. It addresses individual/collective problems arising from misunderstanding of diversity, reticence to address the legacies of structural racism and fear of “the other” present in our personal and professional lives.  Inviting our “whole self” and increased awareness of those cultural lenses through which we make sense of our world, it brings each lived experience under the light of cultural dignity and opens a safe space for respectful dialogue.

Cultivate Self Awareness, Communication, Collaboration

A deeper capacity for self-awareness, communication and collaboration promotes success because its starting point is a thinking-feeling stance from where we can acknowledge the diversity within and without, identify inner roadblocks that hold us back, and open new conversations that allow redefining the problems and finding solutions to day-to-day work.

Activate New Creative Possibilities

When people from different backgrounds or with different perspectives come together, new creative possibilities arise. One of the most profound actions we humans can undertake today is move away from fear and mistrust of difference. We can learn how to transform differences from walls that separate into bridges that connect and enrich our lives.