I’m Silvia Austerlic, delighted to share a Senti-Pensante process to promote greater understanding, interconnectedness and collaboration in culturally diverse communities and organizations.

What is Senti-Pensante?

Senti-Pensante, which comes from two Spanish words that mean feeling-thinking, is a body-mind process of bringing together reason and emotions, two different ways of interpreting reality, to unify thought and action.

Promote Intercultural Relationships

The goal of engaging in the Senti-Pensante process is to help individuals, organizations and communities cultivate a clearer understanding of themselves and others, deeper empathy, more effective communication, and greater capacity to serve and collaborate. This helps bridge the body-mind divide afflicting the dominant culture, and opens the door to engage with others with curiosity and empathy.

Activate New Creative Possibilities

When people come together from different backgrounds or with different perspectives, new creative possibilities exist. One of the most profound things we humans can do today is move away from fear and mistrust of difference, and instead open to that creative possibility. We can learn to transform differences from walls that separate into bridges that connect.

Cultivate Self Awareness, Communication, Collaboration

This enables a deeper capacity for self-awareness, communication and collaboration that promotes success because its starting point is a thinking-feeling stance from where we can acknowledge the diversity within and without, identify inner roadblocks that hold us back, and open new conversations that allow redefining the problems and finding solutions to day-to-day work.

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