Grief as Soul Work

In soul work we don’t dare to get rid of the pain until we learn what it has to teach us.
– Franciscan Priest Richard Rohr


This workshop is designed for:

• Children, teens and adults who have experienced a significant death or loss.

• Counselors and healers wishing to enhance their skills and ability to support other through grief.

• Individuals and families wishing to prepare themselves for the death of a loved one.


• Gain concrete skills and tools to work through current and past losses.

• Identify self-care and resiliency strategies that address your unique needs.

• Become aware of when and how to reach out for support.

• Learn how to reconnect with your loss in a way that honors your loved one(s) and allows you to heal and move forward.

Objectives for those supporting others through loss:

• Learn to practice compassionate presence as a means for supporting those in grief without taking on their pain.

• Acknowledge the importance of cultural sensitivity in grief support and develop best practices for working with diverse communities.