Creativity and Leadership

Human beings are waking up to the fact of our interconnectedness, and that each individual matters to the whole. When people from diverse cultural backgrounds or with different views comes together, one of the most profound choices we can make is to move away from fear and mistrust of difference, and instead engage from a place of creativity. We can learn to transform differences, from walls that divide, into bridges that connect. Instead of reacting to the unfamiliar and new with judgment or resistance, we can respond by choosing growth, freedom and possibility.

Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems using the same mindset that created them.” How do we do this? Responding to difference as a creative resource requires a leadership journey from the inside out. When we take the courage to go inside, we discover our own the untapped human potential; a great treasure of wisdom, energy, creativity, peace, happiness and love. We may also discover the root of our old conditioning and automatic behaviors, thought patterns and behaviors that we have inherited, that gave birth to our conditioned personality and behavior.

Senti-pensante leadership requires a commitment to say YES to all life within and without; and embark on a personal and collective journey towards greater justice, equity, and wholeness. The choice is present in every moment; a choice for self-reflection, self-development and creative collaboration which unlocks transformative possibilities for everybody.

Senti-pensante leadership and its signature offering “Discerning Wise Action” have been shaped by two main sources of influence.

As a body-mind practice, it’s an aikido-based approach to engage with difference, change and innovation from a centered and grounded stance called “aiki-presence.” It speaks of an intentional stance of showing up in the world with the commitment to our own centering practice, connecting to and experiencing the guidance of the universal intelligence in the spirit of living protection of all beings.

As an intercultural competence, it’s informed by Personal Leadership, a methodology to help guide your journey towards “right action” with mindfulness and creativity. Whatever reason, you can use your discomfort with the new and unfamiliar as a call to pay attention. Instead of shutting down, you deliberately open up to learning something new, even perhaps to changing how you think or feel about yourself, others and the world.

P.L. allows you, your team/group and organization to:

• Create a vibrant and vital relationship with change
• Meet “Something’s Up” moments with mindfulness and creativity
• Use “differences” as a creative resonance
• Lead from the inside out, with self-reflection and inner work
• Share a common language for addressing complex conditions i.e. “something is up moment,” doing a Critical Moment Dialogue, discerning right action.